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Aging Resources

for you and your parents​

At Age Less, we provide expert advice on how to navigate the aging process while providing a wide array of practical aging resources to improve your healthspan and wealthspan.

We will help guide you through the stages of life over 30 and help you not only age well but age “less” through smart strategies to  help you grow younger!

We strive to provide answers to commonly asked questions on how to age smarter in every way. We are sure you can lead a healthier, more fulfilling life at every age. We are the AGING EXPERTS. 

age less resources for 60 and up

Aging Resources for your parents or you-
60 year olds and up

Our Services

Discovery Call

Would you like a free 30 minute discovery call to see how we can help you? I'd love the chance to see just how I can help you make your life even more amazing!

Virtual/In-Home Personal Training Session

Personalized one-on-one personal training can help you achieve your health goals of weight loss, mobility, strength and most importantly, longer heathspans and lifespans.

Virtual/In-Home Physical Therapy

Virtual physical therapy can be very effective in achieving pain-free movement and help restore full function so you can enjoy work, play and sports. Dr. Rick has over 30 years of experience helping people transform their lives.

Virtual/In-Home Health Coaching Session

Personalized one-on-one heath coaching can help you achieve all of your health goals so you can live well by acheiving sustainable changes in exercise, diet and lifetstyle modifications.

seminar service

Corporate Seminars​

We help keep your employees healthy, happy and productive. We work on all aspects for employee health and wellness and can track outcomes so you see results for your company.

Financial Discovery Call

We don't predict the future...but we do plan for it. A sound financial plan consisting of insurance solutions and investments helps to protect you, your family and your future. We can discuss your best options for life/disability and long term car insurances.

Metabolic Package

We use the most sophisticated technology to assess your exact caloric needs and fitness levels so you can have the most prescriptive weight loss and longevity program available anywhere. Our state-of-the-art equipment is the gold standard in testing your metabolic status.

DorsaVi Running Analysis

Running is a great way to get fit but is wrought with injuries. We use the advanced running analysis system called DorsaVi to assess how hard and fast you land on each leg which can correlate with injuries. We also use slow motion video to further analyze your running and offer advice on prevention/rehab exercises and proper shoe wear.

The ultimate prescription for aging

The Over 40 Performance Rx is a culmination of Dr. Rick Rutkowski’s 30 years in the physical therapy and fitness industries. He’s culled the most important and relevant exercises for people over 40 to help them recover from old injuries, become more fit and develop a long-term plan for healthy aging. These fitness strategies can be used by anyone over 40 including those with chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and arthritis. 

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