Finances for 30-60 year olds

Financial Solutions for 40 - 60

Financial Solutions for 30-60 year olds

Are you monitoring your financial situation like your weight and waist size?

There are so many things to stay on top of.

Middle to higher-income families most likely have pensions and savings to rely on while lower-income homes typically live paycheck to paycheck. Savings are possible over the long term with simple investing and market compounding

Financial advisors and accountants are readily used by more high-net-worth individuals but anyone can learn proper investing tactics online now.

Will I be financially prepared in retirement for the standard of living I want and expect?

Many people think social security will be enough to sustain them into retirement. This is not usually the case especially if you file for it before your 67 years old now. 

Do you have other tax deferred strategies you can rely on to pay an income for life like some of the annuity products? 

We work with New York Life and can help you get exposure to their great products which can give you piece of mind into your later years. New York life is the highest rated company that’s been around for 177 years and has a product for everyone. 

Is your future protected?

Most life insurance agents and financial experts first suggest protecting your family, home, and income with a life insurance plan in the event of the death of a parent or spouse. Do you have annuities or long term care insurance that you can rely on in later years?

There are several life insurance plans to consider and here’s some advice:

Once you have an established plan then you can consider investing wisely in many financial products. 

There are numerous ways in which to be prepared for the future so you can maintain your standard of living and have funds for if and when you need other types of housing or long term care. We’ve provided more info here: