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Functional Performance for 30 - 60 year olds

Functional Performance Solutions for 30 year olds and up

It's one thing to feel ok but that's not the same as functioning well at any age.

We all think we can still run, jump and throw like we did in our 20’s. We probably cannot BUT that’s not solely due to the aging process. It’s more likely that we just haven’t done it in 20 years and expect our muscles and joints to be strong enough to handle the strain of those activities like they once did. Feeling fine and functioning well are very different things. 

In physical therapy and personal training we “test-not guess”

Testing determines how well your body can handle a particular exercise or activity. I’ve had plenty of patients over 30 years old say, “Wow, I cannot believe I can’t do this.” If you’d like to still be able to participate in sports then a good fundamental strength program is essential at any age.

Too many people stay sidelined from old injuries​ and they fail to believe that they can recover lost physical skills. Consistency in training has proven to be the most important strategy in acquiring abilities and transferring them into sports. 

Use these links to assess your current levels of strength and fitness so you can rank yourself and understand where you are. Check out Dr. Rick's video below for a full body, anti-aging workout.

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